Friday, 20 July 2018 - 11:28
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Hardship not to end for Teva: guidance for 2018 cut down

The negative momentum seems to never end for Teva. The company’s shares today decreased by almost 10% (Wall Street) as the Israeli group’s management announced a forecast downgrade for 2018, despite a drastic price cut plan that resulted in 14,000…

Hard times for Teva Pharmaceutical

The German economic and financial monthly Manager Magazin has published a long article about the Israel-based drugmaker Teva, whose recent misadventures have made it a typical mismanagement case. Teva is headquartered half an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv, in a…

Good news for Teva and its Copaxone

Teva will benefit from an extended presence of blockbuster Copaxone 40 mg (multiple sclerosis) on the market without generic competition. Pfizer’s McPherson plant (Kansas), which should start producing the generic 40mg version of Teva’s blockbuster for Momenta Pharmaceuticals, has received…