Thursday, 19 July 2018 - 6:50
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Juno Therapeutics

Celgene acquires Juno Therapeutics for $9bn

As everyone expected, Celgene has acquired biotech company Juno Therapeutics for $9bn, that is $87 per share, or a 91% premium over the share price before it was announced that Celgene was targeting Juno (January 16th). The deal gives Celgene…

Analysts don’t approve of Celgene’s takeover to Juno Therapeutics

Analysts are assessing Celgene’s potential takeover to Juno. Despite their different views, all experts agree that the acquisition will be very expensive ($8-$10bn) and will not provide any short-term solution to Juno’s issues. Juno Therapeutics offers Celgene the opportunity to…

Rocket (leukemia) trial halted again, Juno’s shares fall 30%

Juno announced it halted the Phase II Rocket trial for JCAR015, a CAR-T therapy targeting acute lymphoblastic leukemia, following the death of two patients due to brain tissue swelling. This is the second time Juno has suspended the Rocket study,…

A bright future for Juno Therapeutics

Although Juno Therapeutics (Seattle) still has not a single drug on the market, it has recently reached over $2.8bn value, thanks to developing the CAR-T therapy, a modern immunotherapy for cancer treatment. Juno also benefits from a 10-year cooperation with…