Tuesday, 24 April 2018 - 0:18
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Perrigo ready to acquire Merck KGaA’s Consumer Health unit

Perrigo is reported to be a serious bidder to Merck KGaA’s Consumer Health unit, with an estimated value of at least €4.7bn. Perrigo has a cash reserve of approximately $776m (Q3 2017), thus it needs to secure a line of…

Perrigo sells Chemagis for $110m

Perrigo yesterday announced it has sold its Chemagis asset, which produces Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to the SK Capital fund for $110m. Chemagis was acquired in 2005 as part of the $818m agreement with Agis. (Source: Globe)

SK Capital fund acquired Perrigo API for $110m

The SK Capital investment fund acquired Perrigo API, Perrigo’s division producing active pharmaceutical ingredients. Perrigo API has its headquarters and production sites in Israel, but has offices and laboratories in US and India as well. The takeover strengthens SK Capital’s…