Sunday, 22 April 2018 - 19:35
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Tesaro, gem of biotech industry

US-based biotech Tesaro is about to be acquired by the big pharma, many analysts say. Tesaro has a $7.7bn market capitalization, yet analysts set a potential value of approximately $10bn on it, despite the company is currently marketing as little…

Sanofi and Gilead compete for Tesaro ($10bn)

France-based Sanofi plans acquiring biotech group Tesaro, The Street reported on Monday. According to the same report, Gilead as well showed interest in the US-based group, headquartered in Massachusetts, in order to offset the revenue loss following the drop in…

Tesaro courted by big pharma

Reuters reported that US-based biotech group Tesaro is weighing bids and expressions of acquisition interest for the Waltham, Massachusetts-based company. Tesaro’s key asset is probably Niraparib, which targets solid tumors in ovarian and breast cancers, currently undergoing a clinical trial…

Highlights of ESMO 2016

The year’s most anticipated results in the oncological field were expected at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Annual Congress. Many comments focused on lung cancer. MSD reported that Keytruda reduces the risk of disease progression by 50% and…