Tuesday, 17 July 2018 - 6:48
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Neue Entwicklungen der Membrantechnologie zur Wasserentsalzung

Ein Forscherteam der Zhejiang University von Hangzhou in China hat in der berühmten Zeitschrift Science die Synthese neuer Nanomembranen für die Wasserentsalzung gezeigt. Die neue Membran hat eine Struktur, die eine bessere Separierung großer Ionen ermöglicht und wird durch die…

Business of CAR-T gene therapies for lymphoma heats up

Excitement among Investors in the CAR-T business mounted and shares of the companies focusing on CAR-T reacted yesterday as it was announced that Kite/Gilead’s CAR-T therapy Yescarta significantly increases–by 15.4 months–life expectancy of patients with lymphoma. Gilead’ shares rose over…

Monthly review: October

October has brought interesting news in the pharmaceutical industry. Among the most significant news published in GoINPHARMA, the growing rumors on Amazon about to debut in healthcare surely rank first. The US-based distribution giant is likely to start launching drugs…