The incredible world of meditation apps: Calm reaches one quarter billion value

The start-up Calm, which has created an app with its same name, has reached in these days a record value of $250m, thanks to the 30 million people who have downloaded it. An annual subscription now costs $59.99.

According to Michael Acton Smith, one of the two founders, the next step for the San Francisco-based start-up is creating concrete products to be sold through the app. The company is considering to start selling perfumes and essences, travels and books and doesn’t rule out buying an island where paying customers can enjoy calm, created by the staff through specific activities. The company, established by two Britons six years ago, still has very low operational costs and employs as little as 30 people. Its cash flow has been positive for years. Its fiercest competitor is Headspace, which has recently been funded with $75m.

(Source: FT)