The ten medicine breakthroughs making 2018 an unforgettable year

The Indian magazine TimeNowNews has published a list of the top-10 healthcare discoveries announced in 2018.

At the very top of the rank we find, as expected, the method to create  eggs from blood cells and to grow them in laboratory,
discovered by a Japanese team and published on Science.

The extraordinary discovery was announced in September and gives new chances to women whose fertility in impaired, due to radiation or fairly harmful therapies.

The uterus transplant in a woman who then was able to give birth to a baby girl in Pune hospital, India, ranks second. Developments in breast cancer immunotherapy rank third. A team of scientists from Maastricht University and Hubrecht Institute (Netherlands) who have created an embryo without using eggs and sperm comes fourth. The breakthrough was announced on Nature in May.

Fifth place goes to the French physicians who succeeded in a face transplant considered impossible by many people. Other remarkable innovations have been the birth of a baby via a uterus transplanted from a dead donor, recent developments in the fight against HIV thanks to novel therapies and, finally, new vaccines targeting potentially lethal food allergies.

(Source: Timesnownews)