The winning marketing strategy of Sensodyne in US

The US toothpaste market is worth approximately $3.3bn (2017) and Crest (PPG) and Colgate are leading it with market shares of  respectively 34.7% and 33.1%.  However, premium Sensodyne–a brand by UK-based GSK–is gradually achieving slices of market, and generated sales of $556m last year, obtaining 17.6% of market share. The secret of big growth for Sensodyne is that GSK’s marketers have realized that a significant slice of consumers is looking for toothpastes offering novel benefits in addition to those provided by competitors. Thus, GSK has launched new SKUs offering various benefits to teeth health, and to the solution of tooth sensitivity issues. On the contrary, PPG and Colgate have focused their marketing campaigns on their products’ whitening properties, with a strong claim in the Spanish-language community, which is probably the reason why they are losing market shares, while Sensodyne rose from 12% (2012) to 17.6% (2017).

(Source: WSJ)