What to expect from Vas Narasimhan, next Novartis CEO

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung has published today a long article about the next head of Novartis, Vas Narasimhan, briefly describing his career, starting as a consultant at McKinsey and reaching the peak as a high-flier at Novartis. Since Narasimhan has sound knowledge of Novartis’ R&D, everybody expects that the implementation of new research projects will radically speed up. Moreover, the group is highly likely to decrease expenses for clinical trials: indeed, Novartis currently has as many as 500 clinical trials underway and this optimization could result in 10% to 25% savings. Narasimhan has often shared positive views on CAR-T technology, which is the most expensive – but also, perhaps, the most efficacious – cancer therapy. The goal is, reportedly, to set the treatment’s price around €50,000 per treatment, and to treat a minimum of 10,000 patients annually, with revenues of $5bn. The article also includes some private life details: Narasimhan, 41, is married with a McKinsey consultant, they have two children. His mother is an engineer and his father a chemist, who worked in Switzerland for Ciba in the 50s, then went back to India.

(Source: NZZ)