WHO report about alcohol use and alcoholism


The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a long and detailed report about the spread and effects on society of alcohol beverages. Over 3 million people died due to excessive alcohol use in 2016 , which corresponds to 5% of total deaths, the Organization reports. 3/4 of alcohol victims are men, 28% of cases are due to lethal accidents caused by alcohol use, 21% to digestive system diseases, 19% to cardiovascular system damages and the rest to cancer, infectious diseases and mental pathologies. Despite awareness campaigns, 237 million people and 46 million women in the world have serious alcohol issues. Regions with most issues in the world are Europe and the Americas, that is the areas with the highest per-capita income. Drinkers consume 33g of alcohol a day on average, equivalent to two wine glasses or a beer bottle. The most alarming figure is the percentage of drinkers aged 15 to 19, which reaches its peak in Europe: 44%.

45% of alcohol drinks consumed in the world are strong drinks, 34% are beers and 12% wines.

Governments have tried to discourage excessive alcohol use especially through a specific tax, applied by 95% of WHO countries. In some cases–such as Denmark–taxes are so high that they have significantly contributed to curb the phenomenon.

(Source: WHO)