Worrying figures about cancer spread in the world: 9.6 million deaths per year

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has published an interesting and detailed statistical analysis about cancer incidence on a global scale. According to IARC, there will be 18.1 million cancer cases and 9.6 million deaths in 2018. The analysis has shown that at least 1 man out of 5 and 1 woman out of 6 develop a cancer type during their lives and 1 man out of 8 and 1 woman out of 11 die of cancer. The high cancer incidence is due to various factors, such as population ageing–especially in western countries, poverty, infections and diet. 23.4% of cancer cases and 20.3% of deaths in the world are reported in Europe, despite the European population accounting for as little as 9% of the world population. The Americas account for 21% of cases and 14.4% of deaths worldwide. The highest figures, however, come from Asia, with 57.3% of cases and 48.4% of deaths.  The most frequent cancer type is lung cancer,with as many as 2 million new cases (11.6%) in 2018, followed by breast cancer (11%) and colorectal cancer (10.2%).  1.8 million people every year die of lung cancer.

(Source: IARC)