Zambon targets €100m acquisition in China and US

The CEO of Italy-based Zambon, Roberto Tascione, former head of BMS Italy, has reportedly said in an interview to Reuters that his group is seeking acquisitions in China and the US. The sectors targeted by the company are respiratory and nervous system conditions. The Italian group has reportedly raised at least €100m for an acquisition improving Zambon’s position in these markets, by rolling out the products already included in its portfolio.

Entering the Chinese market would be a fairly interesting option for Zambon. Indeed, China is now the second pharma market in the world; moreover, the Chinese pharma sector has recently reported an impressive sales increase for products targeting respiratory system conditions, reflecting the unstoppable development of the business. Indeed, it is estimated that high pollution rates every year cause 1.6 million deaths in China, due to airway conditions.

Importantly, Zambon already has a production facility in China and last year entered into a distribution agreement with AstraZeneca to supply Fluimicil in China.

Zambon is a multinational yielding €664m (2017), 20% of which in Italy, with a profit of €115m.