Zika virus: positive results for Inovio’s vaccine published in NEJM

Inovio Pharmaceuticals has announced positive efficacy, safety and immune response results from its vaccine against the Zika virus. The data have emerged from a Phase I multi-center clinical trial, designed to assess Inovio’s GLS-5700 vaccine. The drug has induced high levels of binding antibodies in 100% of participants. The data have been published on the New England Journal of Medicine. 40 participants were enrolled for the trial; they were randomized to receive two different vaccine doses (1 mg or 2 mg), administered in intradermal injections by Inovio’s Cellectra 3P device. The vaccine induced binding antibodies in 100% of the participants after a three-dose vaccination regimen. Inovio is currently co-developing GLS-5700 with GeneOne Life Science. No authorized therapies or vaccines against Zika virus infection currently exist. The World Health Organization estimates that over two billion people are vulnerable to the infection. (Source Inovio)