The companies that have heeded Trump’s call to stop drug price increase

More and more pharmaceutical companies are responding to Donald Trump’s call not to increase any price in 2018. The first one to react has been Pfizer, which has changed its already announced plan to rise the price of 40 drugs by 9%. This week it has been the time of Merck KGaA, followed by Bayer: both have committed not to increase prices before the end of the year. Moreover, Pascal Soriot, AstraZeneca’s CEO, announced at last Wednesday’s meeting with investors that neither his group will increase drug prices in the US. Switzerland-based Roche and Novartis have recently heeded Trump’s call too. Interestingly, Roche is perhaps the company that has less increased tis drug prices–3% pa over the last few years. Roche has mentioned Ocrevus, a blockbuster for MS, sold at a price 25% lower than Merck KGaA’s Rebif. MS drugs provide a significant example, since their business has increased by 400% over the last 12 years.

(Sources: Handelsblatt, Roche)